Pergolas & Louvered Roofs

Outdoor Elements

Unparalleled expertise in architecture, design, and construction – terms typically reserved for creations of epic proportions now available for your custom crafted exact specifications in any application; home, business, recreation and more.

Engineered systems with thicker materials than other manufacturers allow for a greater span (up to 22′) with durable strength. Outdoor Elements louvered roofs are meticulously built to conceal bulky exterior elements, creating a sleek integrated corner feature with hidden fasteners that look clean in any residential or commercial space.

  • Outdoor Living
  • Covered backyard kitchen
  • Alfresco year-round entertaining
  • Poolside cabanas
  • Deck Pergolas
  • Outdoor Wellness and Fitness experiences
  • Outdoor learning environment  

Having engineered hundreds of standard size units with state-of-the-art manufacturing allowing design builds in fully customized configurations for virtually any size or shape. Let Modern Creation Inc. blend your indoor/outdoor experiences seamlessly and headache-free. Let Modern Creation Inc. expand all aspects of your living space outdoorelementsusa


From our idea of garden or terrace living, Pratic tells the story of over a half century of work based on the twin cornerstones of design and research. The spirit of Pratic, that extra something that distinguishes us is what ties these short chapters together.

Since 1960, handmade with passion. Pratic, a supreme expression of Italian creativity, was founded in Ceresetto, a town in the rolling hills of Italy’s northeastern province of Udine. The principle of excellence is also expressed at Pratic’s headquarters – an internationally celebrated example of industrial architecture that has won major design awards.

Design from an emotional and educational perspective leads countless efforts in the long history of Pratic.
Colour – is an essential element in the design of architectural spaces and we have dedicated investments and research to the theme of the use of color.

Surfaces and textures – In 2018 Pratic created a cutting-edge coating facility, giving the market the opportunity to create outdoor furnishing projects of any size and in any color.

Professional context – One of Pratic’s distinctive features is undoubtedly its ability to meaningfully engage with the principles of architecture. Maximum care is given even to samples and presentation materials, which are designed so that professionals can work with elements that are aesthetically valuable but always practical.

Elevate your space.