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You are unique and so are your windows and doors. Our treatments are custom made to meet your unique needs.

Whether you desire better light control, privacy, energy efficiency or want to improve your decor, Modern Creation Inc. has a solution for you. 

Modern Creation Inc collaborates with you to project the idyllic vision of your space. Screen Innovations projects something else entirely. As a specialist in whole-home aesthetics Modern Creation Inc provides only the best-in-class products to compliment every aspect outside and inside your home. Screen Innovations’ hand-built product line is the gold, platinum and diamond standard in custom screen applications.

Frustrated with the lack of quality and innovation in the screen fabrication industry, Ryan Gustafson set out in 2003 to create the highest quality offerings on the market and the rest is history. Today, with over 100 employees and proudly manufacturing in the USA, Ryan’s no compromise attitude continues to surpass and set industry standards. screeninnovations

  • FlexGlass™
  • Proprietary Flow™ Systems
  • Zero G/Zero Edge/Edge Pro Tech
  • Black Diamond Venue
  • Reference Motorized G3
  • Solo/Solo2/Solo Short Throw/Solo wireless, rollable, motorized systems
  • Slate – light rejection technology
  • Tiled Screen installation
  • Commercial / Residential shades

Elevate your space.