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Pirch Synergy Partnership

Since 1960, Pratic has been striving to  connection with the outdoor environment. This has allowed it to create innovative solutions such as their luxury pergolas – structures that revolutionize the way you experience outdoor living spaces.

Pratic seeks to remove boundaries between inside and outside, creating an uninterrupted connection that links two worlds to live freely in private, a philosophy paired with the unmistakable design excellence of a Made in Italy product.

Inspired by the most ancient sheltering structures of the Mediterranean world, today, pergolas create new spaces enjoyable all year round, creating new volumes, valuable brightness and incomparable comfort.

Pratic Spotlight

An ideal blend of design, technology and wellness, Pratic’s bioclimatic pergolas make it possible to obtain an outdoor structure that is perfectly integrated with your space, extending the comforts of your home to be enjoyed outdoors.
Connect mirrored panels use a special technology that naturally regulates lighting, heat and ventilation. The mirrored surface provides absolute privacy while not preventing views to the outdoors.
Design and home automation meet through Amazon Alexa and Google Home connectivity options. Enjoy the comfort of controlling the features of your pergola from your smart device. Automate your space to respond to weather or time of day, adjusting shades to maximize comfort and function.

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Opera | Vision

Elegant, essential, and smooth. The bioclimatic pergola designed for any context. Adjustable blades with up to 140 degree rotation, maximum aesthetic, and perimeter closures makes Opera a comfortable and usable space to enjoy the open air life year round.


Brera series has been conceived to respond, in a simple and functional way, to the desire to live gardens and open air spaces with the highest freedom, by combining two advantages: protection and possibility of total opening. With a single fast movement, silent and elegant, the sun-shading blades of Brera slide and compact in a small space.

Nomo | Rialto

Nomo’s profiles and dimensions combine an essential shape and greater efficiency. The special bending of the canvas profiles allows the water to flow easily into the tilting gutters, guaranteeing perfect waterproofness.


All the comfort and the elegance of a Pratic pergola, combined with the freedom of a modular sun shading system fully opened towards the landscape. Phoenix meets the need for more and more adaptable and custom-made open-air spaces with two models featuring minimalist style and hi-tech soul.

Elevate your space.